Security and Maintenance

Here’s the long and short of it. If you don’t have a security plan in place for your website, eventually YOUR SITE WILL GET HACKED. Hacks and breaches come in all shapes and sizes and can have devastating effects on your site, server and the way your site displays on Google. So, drawing upon our experience with numerous sites, we’ve created custom security plans for our clients to help maintain the site, protect it, keep it backed up and reported on!
Also, the higher plans also have inclusive amendments to your site as it is essential to keep the content on your site refreshed and up to date as Google recognises sites that update on a regular basis as active and ranks them over static sites that remain the same for years.
The three main areas you need to consider are as follows:

Maintain & Optimise

Keeping your site updated, maintained, cleaned and running smooth and quick.
WordPress themes and plugins should be monitored & updated and the site needs to be optimized regularly.

Back Up Your Site

In the unlikely event of a server failure or a hack attack, your site should be backed up to minimise any downtime.
This is especially important for online stores and sites that regularly update their content, i.e. blogs, event sites etc.


Protect & Secure

Various steps can be taken to ensure the safety of your site.
Security and firewall software can be added to block suspicious activity, comments and uploads can be checked and moderated and access can be denied in various ways.

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