"So what do I need my website to do?"

Depending on what your business is, your website will need to do different things. A handyman may just want to list their services and contact details. A shop will want to sell things on-line or a photographer may want to showcase their portfolio.

G-Host will work with you to find the best solution and maximise the impact and visibility of your site.

Types of Website

Single Page

One Page Site

For some small businesses, e.g. tradesmen, freelancers etc, a single page website can easily suffice. These sites can be set up to incorporate multiple features such as galleries, maps, contact forms, text, images and so on. These provide a concise site that contains all the info a business needs to display in a single organised page.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages

A Landing page is a single page site but rather than displaying the offerings of a small business, these are designed to be a sales funnel. Typically, you will click on a social media link and will arrive at this site. The purpose here is to either get to you sign up to a mailing list (normally with the offer of a free product or download) or to convince you to move on to the sellers main site.



Brochure sites are suited to small to medium businesses who need to convey more information than is practical for a single page site. Typically these sites will consist of a Home page, Contact page and then a range of other pages related to products and services offered by the business. Galleries, blogs and portfolios are regular features on these sites.



E-Commerce sites are virtual stores where you can sell your products on-line. These will have a few standard pages such as Home, Contact, About Us etc but the rest will then be dedicated to the products on sale. Once selected, the site will then take you through a secure check-out procedure to complete your purchase.