So why YouTube?

Video is a massive part of modern marketing and G-Host can help you to get started by creating your YouTube Business Channel where you can display all your videos.A 2 minute video can be used to showcase a product, provide product instructions, be educational or just tell a simple story. More and more businesses are using videos as part of their marketing arsenal so it is an essential part of your marketing toolkit.

Having a well crafted video made by professionals used to be the way it was done but now anyone can make their own videos on their phone – in fact YouTube has a dedicated app for this (YouTube Director) on iPhone.

Check out this video for more details:

So what does the service include?

1: Set up your YouTube Account (the business page needs to be linked to a personal Gmail account as this is needed to give you administrator rights on the page).

2: Set up the business page with an address related to your business name.

3: Design the page, enter your company details and upload correctly sized artwork.

4: Upload your first video.

5: Help you learn how to post from your mobile or tablet.

To ensure your page is set up correctly, we will carry out the above work for an amazing £75.00.

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