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So what do you need?

G-Host specialises in the creation of beautiful yet functional WordPress websites. We create successful, innovative sites from the initial concept through to the finished website and add-on products and services.

All websites are designed and built in the UK by our staff and we take pride in delivering intelligent designs and engaging experiences for clients all over the country. Why not get in touch today to see what we can do for you?

Website Design

Our website design range varies from single page starter sites to large on-line stores, or from brochure sites to build your own sites. Read More

Social Media

Social media is now one of the largest advertising platforms around. Let us help you to make sure you use this to its maximum potential. Read More

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is an essential system to keep in touch with existing clients and reach out to new ones.Let G-Host help you get started. Read More

Maintain & Protect

It is essential that you keep your site up to date and protected against hackers at all cost. G-Host can do this for you to give you peace of mind. Read More

So what happens if I want a website?

It’s a pretty simple process and goes something like this:

  • 1: Decide

    What sort of site do you want? Single page, brochure, online store?

  • 2: Collate

    Before we start, we need all relevant, info, text, and photo’s.

  • 3: Confirm

    When everyting is ready, sit back and let us get to work.

  • 4: Next steps

    When the site is launched, how do you want to use it?

Use the form below to get in touch and find out more.

Automated E-mail Response

A customer has just completed a sign up form on your website. What next? At this stage you will already have collected their details and added them to a mailing list but why not do something special to make them feel welcome?

We can set up an automated response that will send out a welcome email as soon as they subscribe and then follow it up over a period of time with further automated emails and you don’t even have to lift a finger to do this once it is set up.

Why not try it out for yourself? Complete this form and you will receive a series of daily emails over the next few days that show you how it works.

Try our automated Mailshot Demo

Is your site mobile friendly?

It is now a major search engine requirement that your website is mobile friendly. Click the button at the side to go to the Google Mobile Friendly test site. If you pass, that's great but if not, get in touch and we'll have a chat about moving to a new site format.

What about marketing your business?

Facebook business pages

Join a global community. There are more than 60 million active business Pages. Move forward and become part of the community. Read more

Twitter business pages

There are many millions of active business Pages on Twitter so join up today and gain access a whole new global market. Read more

E-mail Marketing

Not everyone uses social media so this is the perfect way to maintain contact with existing customers as well as raising brand awareness in potential customers. Read more

How secure is your site?

With Google now insisting that sites have a minimum layer of security to continue being ranked in searches, it’s now essential to have SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security on your site which is often a chargeable service.

All sites provided by or hosted by G-Host come with basic SSL security included free of charge.

So after all that,
Then use the form below and we'll get back in touch with you as soon as possible.