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So. What else could we do?

Here at G-Host, it’s not all about the big projects, we can handle the small stuff too. There is quite often never enough time in the day to do what you need so we are available for freelance and contract work on WordPress sites. This could be anything from regular checks to updating products and contents – we are flexible in what we can do. We also work on a one-off basis so if, for example, you just wanted your website refreshing with fresh pictures, we can easily do this for you. Here are some examples of what we can do:

1 – Regular content updates
2 – WordPress updates and repairs
3 – E-commerce product uploads
4 – Site Optimisation
5 – Blog management
6 – Social media management
7 – Re-branding

Basically, we can cover various tasks that will make like easier for you. If you require something that isn’t mentioned in the list above, get in touch and ask us as we are flexible in the range of services we can offer.

Please also refer to our Security & Maintenance page as well for other services.

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Let's Work Together

You talk, we listen. That's how it works.

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