March 25

Less is more


Less is more

Quite often, you will find that this is completely true. A small diamond can be worth more than a larger, more common stone. An ounce of saffron is worth more than a sack of flour. You get the idea.

The same principle applies to websites. What’s the point of having a vast, sprawling site with numerous pages when you can have all the relevant information in a single concise page? Large sites are harder to maintain and update purely down to the large number of pages and vast amounts of information present.

Instead, why not have a single page with just the essential information that you need people to know? Maintenance and build time are vastly reduced and you are left with one easy to look after Microsite. The biggest bonus here is that costs are also vastly reduced as well. Also, one of the major benefits is that it will form a part of your sales funnel.

The initial stages would be covered by word of mouth, advertising and social media presence. The point of all these is to drive prospective customers closer to buying – hence the single page Microsite. This doesn’t overload the customer with extraneous information but provides just enough detail to convey a message and pique the prospects interest – the idea being to get them to contact you directly in order to convert to sale.

Lots of huge companies use Microsites as a conversion tool to direct prospects onto larger sites but if you are only a small business, they are an ideal starter point for you. The less is more principle offers a simple, cost effective way to create your initial online presence and can be used as a tool to encourage prospective customers to get in touch with you directly. Additionally, they can be registered with search companies like Yell, Yelp etc so people can view your offer straight away.

Finally, our Microsites are flexible enough to grow with you so if expansion is required, we can easily accommodate any future requirements. So there you have it. Proof that less is more and also a clear idea of how to proceed to start your online journey. If this sounds like something that would benefit you or your business, please feel free to get in touch with us today. Thanks for reading!


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