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Every single aspect of our cloud hosting platforms has been carefully planned, implemented, and reviewed to provide you with the best possible service. We use top of the range hardware, technologies, and people to bring them all together into one incredible cloud-based solution.


Introducing our Powerful Cloud Hosting Platforms

Your website will be hosted on one of our three innovative, high-end cloud hosting platforms: Linux, Windows, or WordPress. The platforms available to you depend on which hosting plan you choose.
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Linux Platform

Our high-powered Linux platform is ideal for all types of websites. Built for speed and security by our in-house experts, we’ve fine-tuned Apache for even better performance. Our Linux platform is also home to over 70+ one-click installs of popular software including WordPress, Joomla! & Magento.

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WordPress Platform

We use an innovative platform that caters to WordPress’s every need. Automatic core WordPress updates, built-in plugin monitoring, and our own exclusive StackCache speed plugin are brought together in one innovative solution to ensure your WordPress website always performs.

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Windows Platform

Our robust Windows platform is backed by a performance-tuned IIS cluster and has been carefully designed to ensure no single point of failure. Our optimised Windows platform is fast, robust and secure. It’s the perfect choice for websites reliant on ASP, ASP.NET, MS Access, or MS SQL.

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Autoscaling Cloud Hosting

All our web hosting platforms utilise autoscaling, meaning that if your website has a surge of traffic, we automatically scale up the resources needed so that your site stays online and still loads just as quickly for every user. Rather than being hosted on just one or two servers, your website can access the entire platform’s resources, meaning that if you’re experiencing a busy period or a server is struggling for some reason, another can step in to take its place with no interruption or degradation to your service. This also means no other users on the platform affect your website’s speed or performance even if their websites are busy. Our powerful autoscaling is teamed with load-balanced servers and built-in redundancy to ensure optimal reliability that goes far beyond other shared web hosts – and we don’t charge you more for any additional resources you use.

Platform Features


No expense spared, no corner cut: our Linux, Windows, and WordPress platforms all include the following features as standard for ultimate speed and security at no extra cost to you.
100% SSD storage

Many hosting companies simply don’t want to invest in SSD storage arrays due to the cost. We see the fastest possible website speed as an essential, which is why we only offer full SSD storage as standard deliver the fastest possible website speed. All your website files are stored on Samsung SSD storage arrays.
No single point of failure

All our platforms have been carefully designed and built to be fully redundant. We use some of the best hardware in the industry thanks to our long-term partners at Dell, and there’s no single point of failure in any service we provide.
Upscaling on demand

Most other shared hosting platforms suffer performance issues when one users site gets very busy or runs an inefficient script. We scale up resources on demand meaning that other sites and users won’t impact your website’s performance or your visitors’ experience.
Load balancing and health checking

The platform automatically detects surges of traffic or periods of heavy load and will scale and rebalance automatically over its dedicated 10Gbits network. Additional computer power is always kept in reserve should it be needed.
Dual octa-core processors

Each web server has two octa-core processors with hyper-threading to give 32 logical cores per machine and 64GB DDR4 memory. Any of our web servers can serve any website we host at any time; everything is load-balanced for greater reliability and consistently fast speeds.
Data security and offsite backups

We’ve incorporated security within every layer of each platform. Our storage platform is resilient to the level that whole storage servers and disks can, in a worst-case scenario, fail with no downtime. We take daily backups to an offsite facility for extra protection.
Google Based DNS Platform


DNS translates a domain name request into an IP address to route you to the network and servers responsible for the website at that domain. It’s an essential component of the internet and it’s critical that all requests are answered quickly and reliably. To meet this demand, we’ve built our entire DNS platform on the same infrastructure as Google. Google’s global fibre network is industry-leading and ensures quick and stable response times and scales so we can handle a huge number of queries instantly. All domains hosted with us benefit from Google DNS.
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